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Sunday, December 13, 2015

To the highlands (days 9-12)

Addis is a bustling and busy city. I never enjoying running around Gaborone--but Addis is far worse. There are twice the number of people in Addis than in all of Botswana. 

I spent a rainy morning in the national museum--to see Lucy! 
She is so tiny!! Next to Lucy was Selam aka the first child discovered as well as Ardi, who if I am remembering correctly is older than Lucy but discovered after.
 The museum was small, but very interesting. They did a wonderful job explaining evolution with pictures and simple explanations. 
Pottery throughout the ages. 

I have escaped from Addis to Lalibela. Laliblea is in the highlands, King Lalibela built churches down into the hillside. 

Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, the churches are protected but still open for religious purposes. 
The art in the churches has a definite theme. They remind me of paintings from Art History classes I have taken. In paintings only the 'good guys' have their faces shown. If you are considered bad (like Judas) you are shown from the profile 
This morning--a Sunday was a holy day for Mary. Church services were throughout the hillside. As a woman you must cover your head. Inside the churches everyone takes their shoes off. 
The churches were either built down into the rock or built cave like. The hillside is comprised of a relatively soft rock enabling easy carving. 

Everything in the churches has religious symbolism. Biblical stories were represented in the construction of the churches and the layout. At the end of the tour we left the churches through a tunnel which was pitch black to represent the journey through hell. Then you exited to the countryside. 

It is now lunch time. I am sitting at a restaurant high up on a mountain. I have a 360 degree view. 
My lunch. Eating for one is...a challenge. So I have my doggie bag and am tasting a local delicacy--honey wine. interesting and softening my view on the world. 

Till next time. 

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