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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Marrakesh to Fes (Days 21-26)

Greetings from Morocco! 

I have to say...Morocco is easily one of the prettiest countries! And they have a train system and who doesn't love trains. And olives....and fresh squeezed orange juice from the sweetest oranges. 

I met up with friends in Marrakesh and we set off on a trek to Erb Chebbe and up to Fes with lots of stops along the way. 

Wandering through the high-Atlas Mountains (as opposed to the mid-Atlas and the anti-Atlas)

We drove on the "curvest road" in the world where a famous car commercial was shot.

Rocked several Kasbahs. 

Ate olives with a side of bread. 

Failed a making music....

Watch the sun set on the dunes

Then spent the night in the dunes Christmas Eve and watched the full moon rise on the 24th and set on the 25th while on the backs of camels. 

I can't think of a more perfect way to end  2015...

Oh but wait...

Girls trip!!! Follow both of our blogs and we train from Casablanca to London! With many stops along the way...

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