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Thursday, December 31, 2015

I heart Morocco.

Morocco was never on my travel radar until I came to Botswana....Morocco should really be on everyone's travel radar. 

I found the bigger cities overwhelming--Fes and Marrakesh are popular tourist destinations and are filled with people who are more than willing to scam you Prepare yourself and consult Dr. Google on popular Moroccan scams. These cities also have a charm of their own. I had a pretty spectacular screaming match with a taxi driver who overcharged me...he was yelling at me in French and I yelled back in English. 

The rural areas are where the true beauty of Morocco lies.

In no particular order of why Morocco has stolen my heart:

Olives--who knew olives came in so many varieties! And are served at every meal....they are heathy right??  

Mountains--the Atlas Mountains are pretty spectacular. They are very rugged--much of the landscape reminded me of the American Southwest. Towns are perched precariously on a mountain side with one narrow road running through. Deep plummeting valleys with streams lined with palm trees. 

Jellabas--I just might move to Morocco and start a jellaba export business! I have a feeling they would be a big hit at winter football games!

Let's get real. The men are also very easy on the eyes...

Scarves--everywhere! Scarves. 

The call to prayer--there was something comforting hearing the call to prayer. A little reminder throughout the day to be a good person. At times it was very overwhelming to be standing in the medina and hear the prayer being blasted around you. 

Trains--who doesn't love a train ride? 

Kasbahs-there is something about an old old building on a mountainside 

All the wool products--rugs rugs and more rugs in beautiful colors and patterns. I have already started a collection for the house I don't have...

Pottery and tiles--in the most beautiful colors and designs 

Mint tea--just give me diabetes now. But it's pretty addictive...

The people--everyone was so nice (aside from the people who tried to scam you....but can you blame them? Tourists=money) 

Hammams--yes please and at least once a week 

The assertive women--coming from Botswana it was nice to see a woman verbally assert herself (to a man...) 

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