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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Motherly Moroccan Adventure (Days...?)

After picking up Mum in Casablanca, we spent a leisurely day sleeping and wandering around Casablanca. 

People don't go to Morocco to see Casablanca. 

We went to the 3rd largest Mosque in the world. 
It is a pretty impressive architectural masterpiece.  We arrived before our tour and just sat soaking it it. Families were  sitting on the steps eating and children were playing. 

After disembarking the night train to Tangier we were assaulted with about 50 taxi drivers fighting over who would take us to the bus station. Our sweet taxi driver offered us a fair price to go straight to Chefchaoun. Since he didn't rob us blind with the price we said yes. In broken English he narrated our journey into the mountains. 

Chefchaoun is a magical place. The old medina is painted various shades of blue. The streets are one surprise after the next. If you wander away from the main square and away from the tourists you stumble on markets where residents shop. 

We climbed the mountain to the Spanish Mosque and were able to see Chefchaoun from above. We were fortunate that it was an overcast day and could see all the nuances of blue 

After spending a few days and night wandering we left for Spain! 

Ferries are the way to travel!! 

Goodbye Africa. Till we meet again. 

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