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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ethiopia (days 5-8)

I made it to Ethiopia!! After the chaotic hours in Joburg, we landed in Addis. After waiting for about an hour to get through immigration and witnessing a fight break out! I am now with this girl! 
Addis is cold compared to Botswana! Amanda and I promptly went to her PST site and spent the weekend with her wonderful host family! 
It was wonderful to spend time wandering through the countryside and eating delicious food!! After spend the weekend in th country we came back to Addis. 

And we ate more wonderful food. 
This was my breakfast! Injare with a chickpea mixture and eggs. There are lots of religious fastings and dietary restrictions  for various reasons. Today we followed some sort of dietary restrictions. There are these wonderful hole in the wall places that can give you a cheap and quick meal. 

My airline magazine said that Addis was the "Dubai of Africa" ...maybe they are referring to all the construction? It is a sprawling and busy city. 

Little boys hustle for change and shine your shoes for 4 birr. My shoes look brand new! 
Ethiopians love their juice. It is almost like a smoothie. I am a convert! 

I am off to drink coffee and explore the city. 

Until next time...

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