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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Day 2: hello mountains

After walking around with a smile on my face (being in the mountains tends to make me smile nonstop) I tried to track down needed necceties aka coffee and food. In my rush last night I decided not to stop in Masuru....

After sweet talking the kitchen staff into letting me heat up water (thank god Sesotho is a cousin to Setswana) I the mothers milk (aka coffee) while overlooking a beautiful landscape. 
Then I hit up the general dealer...who would have thought that Lehututu would have a better stock?! Since canned fish doesn't seem appealing at 8am I settled on unrefrigerated yogurt (it's fine....?) and cereal. 

I decided to go on a morning hike--the great thing about Malealea is that they hire villagers to do the tours as part of their community trust program. My trusty guide Lucky and I set off. We were going to do a '5 hour hike' to the Bushman paintings and the waterfall. 

Throughout the hike Lucky would wait patiently as I snapped photos and tell me about little cultural tidbits. 

A few views from our journey

The hike was spectacular. Words can not describe the beauty of Lesotho. 

Our hike ended up to be more a 6 hour journey...I must say... Hiking up hill and down hill on yogurt and cereal is a recipe for feeling faint...and bless Lucky's heart he patiently waited for me...and fetched me water when I ran out. 

My dirty and sore feet are propped up on a log and I am drinking a Maluti (for you Granny!)
Life is good. 

They have a saying in Lesotho which is peace rain and is to peace and prosperity! 

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