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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Making balloons

Winter happenings: 
This week....Bathing-well..lets get real. Fully submerging the body hasn’t happened (and its not even that cold yet!) But bucket bathing and baby wipes have. 
This week my skin is shedding like a snake...
This week I drank 11 hot drinks.
This week I sweated not once

I don’t get many visitors-I am okay with that to be completely honest. Yes, part of me twinges with envy with fellow PCVs talk about their visitors etc. But I am a pretty private person and like my alone time (introvert who me?) When I do get visitors it is either the sister of my neighbor or a Form 1 gal who lives down the road. 

This weekend I had a shadow...We had a smashing time. She followed me around as I dug a hole to burn my trash (sorry Mother Earth) and buried my compost--she said it smelled. She watched me do my dishes and make and drink coffee. We counted all the people in my pictures and she asked “O bidiwa mang?” to whom I replied “ Tsala ya me, Amanda/KG/etc.” Then we drew some pictures and learned how to write our names. The highlight of the day was blowing bubbles--or as she called them balloons. It takes a while to get down the technique of not blowing to softly or to hard to maximize the bubble making. I was a proud mother duck, by the end of the day--she had gotten it! And she proudly ran around the compound showing her brother and mum her balloon making skills! 

She also discovered my head lamp and sun-glasses. In which she proudly wore around my house! Later in the afternoon she came back wearing clothing tags on her head--it was her very own head lamp! 

Then as small people (children) she got into everything--So I had to explain to her, no, my leatherman is not a toy, nor is my sewing kit or needles....Oh vey! Kids are tiresome! 

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