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Friday, June 13, 2014

Botswana lap dance

My parents said that so many things happen in Botswana that would make a great movie script....Or a line in a stand up comedy. This is just one of those situations.  

I just wanted eggs. Is that too much to ask? 

We haven’t had petrol (gas) recently, so its been hard to get a lift out of the village to Hukuntsi (12-15ks away) to buy food. After waiting for a lift for an hour, just as I was debating the pros and cons of walking 5ks to the main road for a lift the kombi shows up. There were about 24 of us waiting to get into a 18 passenger van. The orderly sense of queuing was lost in an instant. Frankly I just wasn’t in the mood to push my way on the kombi so I stepped aside. Which worked in my favor….for a short moment. Someone saved me a seat! Although, it was perhaps the worst seat ever—right by the door in the front. Just as I am getting cozy with the granny next to me, a man decides that he MUST get on the kombi. There was about a foot of space in front of me—which is more than enough room for a body. 

So he straddles me. 

Yes, thats right. He straddles me. If I were to move my leg, he wouldn’t have had children. 

Thank god I bathed this morning! And was wearing perfume! 

So we rode like that, him straddling precariously on me. One tap of the breaks or sharp turn and he would be on me like white on rice. 

I should have slipped pulas into his belt….

And guess what. There wasn’t an egg to be found in Hukuntsi. 

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